Non-commodity exports of Russia increased by 20% in 2017.
Inflation reached 2.5% in 2017 that is the lowest level in the newest history.
Annual growth rate of Russian software and IT services export in 2010-2017 (from $3.3 bn to $8.5 bn).
Russia became a TOP-3 country on fintech market among TOP 20 world largest markets.
Number of opened retail accounts on MOEX increased by 95% in 2017.
About Us

Da Vinci Capital is a leading independent investment manager set up in 2007 to make mid-market private equity investments in emerging markets.


Our Business

Since 2007 we are a leading Private Equity manager and target mid-market high-growth Private Equity investments in CEE countries and other emerging markets with a typical investment horizon of 2-5 years in sectors where our team can provide significant added value: financial infrastructure and payment processing, business and IT services, and consumer services.

Our Values

We seek to be a leading gateway between the international PE community and private fast growing companies.

We apply best international practices in making and monitoring investments to capitalize on emerging markets growth and to generate superior returns for investors.

Portfolio Companies

We have a positive track record of investing in fast growing market leading companies.

Press Releases

Our latest press releases

20 November 2018
ITI Funds raised new round from Da Vinci Capital and Mantra Investment Partners
20 November 2018
ITI Funds raised new round from Da Vinci Capital and Mantra Investment Partners
12 November 2018
Da Vinci Capital invests global technology consultancy DataArt
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Da Vinci Capital Values

We operate to the highest ethical standards and abide by sound corporate governance rules

We apply stringent investment and asset management processes, backed by leading experienced advisors in our investment and advisory committees

We run thorough due diligence processes, involving first-class service providers

We apply principles gained from our experience in leading companies

We know our strengths and weaknesses, and focus on a few selected sectors in which we have established a leading position